Control over your garden.

Garden beds allow you to control the soil composition, so your plants are free from lawn chemicals and poor soil conditions. They also contain your plants, so they grow only where you want them to, making weeding and maintenance easier.

Built to last.

These garden beds are built with thick cedar lumber to prevent warping. Cedar naturally resists moisture and rot, and can last well beyond ten years.

Made to order.

Garden beds are custom-built to suit your site’s growing conditions and aesthetics.


IMG_1081These garden beds are typically built with either 2 or 4 tiers, the latter being taller. A taller bed deters critters, controls weeds, and allows for a deeper soil bed for longer roots and less ground contamination.


Layout can be any size rectangle, although lengths in multiples of 3 or 4 feet result in less waste. Popular sizes are 4 foot by 4 foot, 4 foot by 8 foot, 3 foot by 6 foot, etc.

Other options might include a single long garden bed, or a u-shaped arrangement.

Top Lip

4x8-with-lipA lip around the top edge of a taller garden bed provides a convenient place to sit instead of stooping while working in the garden.


finished-4x8sAs it ages, cedar naturally takes on a rustic grey-ish color normally associated with cedar split-rail fences. When finished with raw linseed oil, the garden beds will retain a rich lustre without harmful chemicals. Annual re-application is advised to keep them looking their best.


trellisTrellises can be made to fit any garden bed configuration, permitting climbing plants the perfect structure to grow upwards. Also they provide a convenient way to support tomatoes and other bush plants.


All pricing estimates include delivery and final assembly on site. Site preparation (removing sod, digging the perimeter) and installation (leveling the ground, placing the beds) are an additional charge, and depend on the conditions.

Pricing estimates do not include filling the beds with soil, although recommendations can be made on where to source organic soil. Please contact me for scheduling information.

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